Madrone Home Staging | Vacant Home Staging
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Buyers Only Know What They See! A Vacant Home Feels Cold And People Have A Hard Time Understanding Furniture Placement.


Did you know that a vacant home could sit on the market two to three times longer than one that is occupied? In a vacant home any flaw or oddity will be obvious. Consider the fact that only 10% of buyers can visualize the potential of a home, there is no emotional connection to an empty house. We try to create a lifestyle/story for the buyer. All vacant homes are customized to fit the needs of the target buyer in order to get the buyer to mentally unpack the moment they walk in.


*$100.00 preview fee applies to come out to the property and address clients’ needs. This will take 15-30 minutes and you will be emailed a proposal for staging within 48 hours of viewing the property. Should you choose to move forward with the staging, we will take this fee off the Staging Package. 1 hour Vacant Home Staging Consult- For the Vacant property, that needs help prior to staging. We will walk through the home with the seller and offer advice on paint selection and interior finishes as well as exterior maintenance that might need done ahead of staging the home. $125-$200, depending on the location. If the client moves forward with staging, half of that amount will be credited towards staging.